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About Us

To honor the brave men and women who rise at O Dark Thirty (OD:30) to protect and serve in times of need, OD:30 builds its footwear to American Military Standards. When duty calls and it’s Time to Rise™, OD:30 boots are built for the challenge.

OD:30 boots feature materials inspired directly from DA PAM 670-1 or the latest relevant military Purchase Description. All of OD:30’s boots are built with genuine flesh-side out cattlehide or full grain leather. OD:30 boots are all built to be combat ready and feature brass hardware, 1200 denier nylon, and are all built with direct attach construction methodologies, unlike many of the commercially available optional Army combat boots.

OD:30 has traditional Panama sole boot options that are built with direct molded sole (DMS) construction, where the sole of the boot is vulcanized directly to the upper of the boot. This Heritage Series line of footwear incorporates the latest technological advances where applicable, including the Dimensions™ removable PU footbed and Strata™ anti-penetration technology for puncture protection.

The Combat Series line of footwear features the A3 combat boots. The A3 was designed for any mission: anytime, anyplace, anywhere. This boot is built with direct attach construction and is significantly lighter and more flexible than the comparable direct attach US military boot options. Our specially designed A3 outsole features lugs that are notched and texturized to encourage traction and minimize the collection of debris.

The outsole also features angled grooves at the heel and toe area that encourage superior traction while starting and stopping. The A3 features a weight more comparable to that of a cement construction alternative, with the benefit of being built to the highest bonding standards available via direct attach construction.

OD:30 is confident that our boots will meet or exceed the expectations of its wearers. OD:30 combat boots offer exceptional quality at a tremendous value. Our brave men and women of the Armed Services are deserving of better quality footwear options where they can confidently purchase a product knowing that their boots will last and perform as required.

Our footwear is also ideal for law enforcement, emergency responders, or anyone who is looking to purchase exceptional footwear that is up to the challenge when it’s Time to Rise™.

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